18 enero 2005

Lund Bros "Tangents" Lost Music

I´ve just bought Tangents....and this perfect harmonies were classic pop (Beatles Hollies) meets distorsion (Husker Du, Buffalo Tom) with this touch that only magic groups could have (La´s, Felt) has captured me.

Heep the superlatives on this ultra-cool, unusual gathering of 2 Cd`s worth of consistently bewitching and unforgettable pop! The Lund Brothers were in two very important and favorite bands for Not Lamers to be aware of, Loser(whose one album does The Posies better than The Posies, it`s that good....still available) and International Pop Overthrow(the band, not the festival). Well-rounded, hook-driven and heavenly layered vocals explode in every corner of each song. What does it sound like beyond enthralling? All the very best of anthemic classic Cheap Trick, Fuzzbubble, The Tories, The Argument, classic Splitsville. It`s that great! Throughout, the songs explore well-rounded, hook-driven themes and heavenly layered vocals explode in every corner of each song. The Lund Bros. are an over-supply of talent, folks with huge songwriting smarts, colorful, catchy hooks, full-tilting melodies and suitcases of happy, memorable, repeat-worthy pop hooks at every turn. What`s more...and incredible value with 2 CD`s at the price of one! Support such vision! Extremely Highly Recommended!

Genre: Pop Rock (Smart Pop)
Hometown: Tacoma, Washington

Formed in 1996 as a trio by brothers Chris (guitar/vocals) and Sean Lund (drums/vocals), Loser released their debut full-length album in 1998 to great reviews. Original bass player Don Allen left in 1999 and two new members (Pebbles Willekes on Bass/vocals and Jason De'Main on 2nd guitar/vocals) were added. Loser is currently playing shows all over the Northwest and is recording music for the second album. Some of the highlights of the last 2 years: Discmakers competition finalists, working with Ken Stringfellow of the Posies and REM, debuting our last CD in Los Angeles at the NAS convention, being selected the Neighborhood Blockwatch band on 107.7 the End in Seattle, playing the Pain in The Grass concert festival at the Seattle Center in summer 1999, and playing the LIVE ROOM on the University of Washington's KCMU 90.3 on March 25th, 2000. Look for LOSER near you.

International Pop Overthrow

Genre: Pop Rock (Agressive Song Oriented Pop)
Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Seattle based self proclamed proto-rockers I.P.O. first burst onto the scene in 1999. An overlap of musicians from Satellite Heroes, Loser, and M-Set create this one of a kind sound that is both untraditional yet utterly familiar. Purchase the album(produced by John Plum ala Pearl Jam, Candlebox, etc...) at http://www.jasondemain.com or http://www.itlpop.com/

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